Why do my teeth hurt after bleaching?

For several weeks now I have been using professional take home teeth whitening trays and have had not issues. Then yesterday, I had an intense pain that seemed to last for about 30 seconds. I think the pain was radiating from one of my bonded teeth. The dental bonding was required due to an accident where it was chipped almost 10 years ago now. Does this mean that the bond is breaking down and it’s time for it to be redone?

- Lauren from Idaho


It is unlikely that the teeth bleaching actually caused a weakening in the bonded tooth. The peroxide gel should not compromise the bond and if it had then the chipped portion would actually fall off.

From what you have described, the pain could be from the gel encountering a sensitive part your tooth. Some of the bonding agent may have eroded over time and since the tooth has been repaired it may have left a sensitive area of your tooth vulnerable.

Make sure you discuss this pain with your dentist so they can pinpoint the issue. If it is indeed tooth sensitivity that is causing the pain then the dentist should be able to resolve the problem so you can continue your whitening treatment. But be sure to consult your dentist before continuing with the bleaching.

Good luck.

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