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What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal – Yuma, AZ Dentist

Getting your wisdom teeth pulled or surgically extracted is something that most adults have to go through. Nearly 90% of people have at least one of their third molars or the wisdom tooth removed at some point in their life.

Following the wisdom tooth/teeth extraction, eating may be difficult for several days to a week. So it is absolutely vital to follow all the instructions of your Yuma dentist or Yuma oral surgeon to reduce your risk of post-surgery complications.

Here at 16th Street Dental Care in Yuma, AZ our patients love the comfort of having the procedure done in-house.

Finding the right things to eat after a teeth extraction will help minimize pain and swelling. When you are recovering from your wisdom teeth removal, the general foods you love to eat may be hard to swallow. So you should avoid any foods that are very chewy, hard or spicy for your tender mouth as it can prevent proper healing.

Here is a list of foods that you can eat after having a tooth extraction for a smoother recovery.

Soft Foods You Can Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After your wisdom teeth are extracted, your dentist may advise eating very soft foods that do not require opening your mouth wide or require excessive chewing. Soft foods listed below such as yogurt, applesauce, Jell-O, ice cream and mashed potatoes are good choices. Even soups like tomato soups and other purees do not require chewing so are good to eat post-surgery.

Remember to follow your oral surgeon’s instructions and ask any questions before surgery. You’ll want to make sure you stock up on items that are easy to chew and have some nutritional benefit as well. You probably shouldn’t eat ice cream the entire recovery period.


Applesauce can be a good option as it contains a lot of vitamin C and dietary fiber.  And eating it required very little jaw movement, so this actually hastens healing and prevents any gum soreness. The smooth, pureed texture of applesauce makes it ideal to savor after a tooth extraction.

Ice Cream
After surgery, you do deserve a treat. So go ahead and eat some ice cream but stick to soft-serve, especially for the first few days following the surgery. The cool ice-cream soothes the inflamed tissue and encourages the healing process. Also avoid crunching on cones as it can overwork the jaw. Even small bits can get stuck in the extraction area, causing further irritation or infection.


Soft and creamy yogurts are best for patients recovering from wisdom tooth surgery, especially the first couple of days after extraction. Do not add in any extra ingredient like nuts or granola mix as these will be difficult to chew.


While you should steer clear of soups that have chunks of meats or vegetables that are hard to chew, you can have smooth soups like tomato bisque, cream of celery, and chicken noodle with some small bits in the broth. Even broth-based soups like beef broth can be a great source of nutrition and comfort for wisdom teeth removal patients. A warm cup of soup provides plenty of protein and helps you maintain a healthy diet even after your wisdom teeth surgery.

Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes contain a lot of fibers that are good for your body especially when you are recovering from tooth extraction. The potatoes are great and easy to eat when whipped to a smooth consistency.

Jell-O or Pudding

You can use instant packets of Jell-O or pudding mixes in a variety of flavours or quick recipes on the box for faster and easier preparation. These mixes can be prepared even before your wisdom teeth surgery and kept in the fridge for over a week.

Smoothies or Milkshakes
When you are recovering from wisdom tooth extraction, it is the right time to consume delicious smoothies and milkshakes but don’t ever have them through a straw as the pressure can disrupt the healing site, leading to dry sockets. Blend milk, ice cream, and supplements to create your milkshake. Combine fresh or frozen fruit with yogurt and ice to prepare a healthy drink. For added nutritional benefit add protein powder or a meal replacement packet in your smoothies.

After Wisdom Teeth Removal
Recovering from wisdom tooth surgery can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks. Once your pain and soreness subside, you can slowly begin to eat regular foods. If you feel some soreness in your jaw and facial muscles while chewing, this is completely normal. Chewing solid foods slowly will loosen these muscles and decrease the pain.

Most importantly always follow your dentist or oral surgeons instructions for oral care following every meal so that all food debris is removed from your sockets to prevent irritation and infection.

At 16th Street Dental Care, Dr. Schmidt and staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have before or after your wisdom tooth surgery. If you need to have the procedure completed, please contact us or if you’d like additional information on post operative instructions. We have additional information for wisdom teeth post surgery.