Yuma Dental Exams and X-rays

Routine dental examinations are key to maintaining good oral health. Dr. Schmidt and the 16th Street Dental team offer our Yuma patients a variety of quality dental examination options based on your personal situation.
If you are in pain or would like to schedule an appointment for a dental examination, please contact us by completing a short form or calling immediately. Our friendly staff can answer any specific questions about the exam, insurance, cost and of course, schedule an appointment at your convenience.
Below are our different types of dental exams.


How It Works

Dr. Schmidt will first review your medical history and general health to ensure you are able to receive dental care. A history of the current problem is discussed and the proper diagnostic x-rays are ordered. Dr. Schmidt will then review the x-rays and examine the area of your mouth that is causing the issue. A treatment plan will be presented that gets you out of pain and on with your life.

After Hours Emergency

A toothache from an abscess, broken, cracked or chipped teeth or a knocked-out tooth can be very painful. Dental emergencies, dental pain and infection can ruin your night. After hours or on a weekend it can be very difficult to get in touch with a dentist that you trust.

If you are a new patient and are experiencing a true dental emergency:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Broken teeth with associated pain
  • Teeth completely knocked out
  • Trauma to the lips or gums

Call 16th Street Dental at (928) 782-3839. After hours, you can leave a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. You can also contact us online.

After Hours Emergency Examination Cost

If you are not a patient of record, the fee for afterhours is $150 in addition to any treatment rendered. This is payable in cash, debit or credit card only. No checks. Insurance will be verified and billed on the next business day and if a refund is due it will be issued to you after your insurance pays.
At 16th Street Dental, Dr. Schmidt is always available after hours to patients of record experiencing a true dental emergency. Just call the main number (928) 782-3839 and it will detail how to get in touch with Dr. Schmidt.

Comprehensive exam

The Comprehensive Oral Exam establishes you as a patient of Dr. Brandon Schmidt and is a detailed review of your whole body health as well as you oral health. The exam will include a complete review of your medical history and current health. Please be sure to bring in a list of any medications as well as the names and contact information for all of your medical providers. If you have any serious medical conditions please let our office know prior to your exam.

How the Comprehensive Dental Exam Works

A complete series of baseline x-rays will be taken. Dr. Schmidt will then review your “dental goals” and make a list of what you want addressed in your treatment. This includes any cosmetic issues or desires. We will review each area of your dental health and take a detailed history of any past dental work. Dr. Schmidt will then thoroughly examine you, it will include:

  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Record of past dental work
  • Tooth by tooth examination
  • Periodontal and soft tissue exam
  • TMJ exam
  • Snoring/Sleep Apnea screening
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Cosmetic evaluation

A series of pictures of your teeth will be taken using an intraoral camera so you can see the areas that need attention. Dr. Schmidt will then present his findings and educate you on the state of your oral health. He will also present his optimal treatment plan that is customized to your dental goals. Together you will formulate a treatment plan.

The cost of your dental treatment and financial arrangements will be made in detail prior to starting any work.


Universal Truth: “Everything Clean Lasts Longer.”

The Recare exam is a periodic examination of the oral cavity and cleaning. At this exam the hygienist will review your medical history for any changes that may affect your oral health. An oral cancer screening and periodontal exam is completed and the findings reviewed with the doctor. Dr. Schmidt will review any new findings as well as any delayed or incomplete work and review and update your treatment plan. The hygienist will then clean your teeth and go over any Oral Hygiene Instructions (OHI) and suggestions to optimize your home care.

Radiographs are taken on a regular basis at this appointment to evaluate your teeth. The frequency for radiographs are based on any existing changes to your teeth, the completion of major dental work, your risk level and the current state of your home care and age. For individuals at high risk it is suggested that radiographs be taken every six months to monitor any changes and allow the earliest intervention.

The frequency of this visit depends on a couple of factors:

  • Presence or absence of Periodontal disease
  • Presence of systemic disease that will affect the teeth and gums
  • Level of home care
  • Local factors that make cleaning difficult such as braces or partial dentures.

For a healthy adult or child without any signs of periodontal disease, systemic disease, and good home care without any local factors, 6 months is the recommended interval for Recare exams and cleanings. Individuals with any of the factors listed above will be seen on a 1 to 4-month basis.
The Recare exam a vital part of your individual oral health care regime and is especially vital in cases of delayed care. Patients who attend regular Recare exams allow the dentist to have a more conservative approach to their dental treatment by utilizing “watches” and remineralization therapy.